Artecniko Productions specializes in the production of Virtual and Hybrid Events, Corporate and Promotional Videos, in Content Delivery and Distribution, through CDN (Content Delivery Network), and the provision of Multimedia Solutions, including a diverse range of Post Production services.

The company was founded in 2009 by Nikos Tsalikis and it is framed by an experienced team of associates who are distinguished for their expertise, creativity and professionalism, but are especially dignified for their passion and love for what they do.

Being actively aware of the significance of digital corporate identity in the contemporary world as a means for business development, Artecniko produces high quality content that is original, memorable, concise and ensures impeccable results.

Artecniko could alternatively be characterized as a “boutique company”, which on its own allows the company to respond to any specialized demand, ensure immediacy, develop personal relationships with its customers and constantly redesign its services to meet each project’s respective set of needs.

Today, in a state-of-the-art broadcasting studio of 950 sq.m., using high level technological equipment, Artecniko produces virtual and hybrid events with utmost precision and safety, while its collaboration with one of the largest streaming providing companies in the world, ensures uninterrupted content transmission, anywhere in the world.

The triptych of Artecniko’s success and consequently its competitive advantage lies in the immediacy, flexibility and know-how of its team of professionals. Every customer automatically becomes a valuable partner and the satisfaction of their goals is a strategic priority.

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Latest Projects

Our Services

Virtual Hybrid Events

In response to a rapidly evolving industry, Artecniko Productions specializes in the production of virtual and hybrid events, including the distribution of live content through the provision of live streaming services. Artecniko’s investment in cutting-edge technological equipment ensures secure transmission of digital content, promotes the inclusion of interactive elements in the digital environment and enables user communication anywhere in the world, for a pointedly lower cost.

Corporate Video

Based on the idea that storytelling is best achieved through video production, as it naturally encapsulates the element of visualization, Artecniko specializes in the production of dynamic corporate videos. The company engages itself in the implementation of the entire production process, starting from the conceptualization of the main idea and following up to the delivery of the finalized product, in digital form and ready for display.


Artecniko possesses the experience, background and technological equipment required to offer a wide range of technical services, including the provision of unparalleled audiovisual support and ultimately, the delivery of quality content. The company’s continuous cooperation with an established clientèle, consisted of respected names from the advertising, communications and business sector serves as a contributing factor for Artecniko’s proficiency in event production.


Artecniko’s team of professionals guarantees secure and uninterrupted transmission of online content through its cooperation with one of the largest streaming providing companies in the world. Our custom hosting platform supports multiple playbacks, reduces website loading time, provides local coverage and maintains the quality of the transmitted signal, with an astounding 7” delivery of multimedia content in any part of the world.


Artecniko Productions specializes in the creation of leading-edge commercials destined for television and internet use. Artecniko develops targeted, modern and polished advertising content that naturally captures the viewer’s attention, invokes positive emotions and accumulates positive reactions. As a result, viewers recall the transmitted message and become more willing to affiliate themselves with the brand linked to the advertisement.


Multimedia applications have become one of the most dynamically evolving technologies and research indicates that when they are adopted by modern-day businesses, their engagement rates and overall audience reach are dramatically improved. Artecniko provides a diverse range of multimedia services, including Post Production, 2D/3D Motion Graphics, Translation, Subtitling, Voice Over, Spiking etc.

Meet our team

Nikos Tsalikis

Founder & CEO

Katerina Daliani

Executive Office Manager

Dimitris Kolovos

Executive Producer

Anastasia Skafida

Marketing & Communications Specialist

Danae Vardali

Event Coordinator

Danae Parouniadi

Event Coordinator

Leonidas Tzortzakis

Sound Engineer

Rania Tsekoura

Production Assistant