Terms and Conditions


«ARTECNIKO M. IKE» welcomes you and informs you about the Terms and Conditions of Use of the social media available on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter. The purpose of the Company is to inform you about every new job, new news, actions and services.

The Company urges users to check each comment before posting and points out that the Company is not responsible for them. All users must comply with the Terms of Use of each social media site they visit, as well as these Terms and Conditions. In any case, «ARTECNIKO M. IKE» clarifies that the comments of the users do not represent the views, positions or values ​​of the Company, its employees or companies affiliated with it.

As to the above, the «ARTECNIKO M. IKE» states that:

  1. It does not guarantee the accuracy of the comments, information material or claims relating to products and services posted
  2. It is not responsible for comments posted by third party users who are not legal representatives of
  3. It does not approve of any views posted.

The Company reserves the right to control everything posted on its social media, aiming at the positive promotion of its profile. In addition, «ARTECNIKO M. IKE» reserves the right to delete any comment which belongs to the following categories and not restrictively. The Company expects from the users and they agree not to post and/or publish on its social networking sites material and/or content, which:

  1. Contains defamatory, offensive, threatening or racist comments or in any other way violates the rights of third parties, such as, for example, personality rights, personal data rights, intellectual property rights, individual and social rights or in any way interferes with the privacy of others.
  2. It constitutes the publication or otherwise transmission of defamatory, offensive, obscene, threatening, racist, intolerant, inappropriate, false, misleading or illegal material or information.
  3. Contains software or any material relating to rights protected by relevant national or international law, such as, for example, intellectual property rights, personality rights and personal data rights. Exceptions are those cases where the user is the holder of these rights or has obtained all the necessary consents and / or licenses.
  4. Contains viruses, corrupted files, or any other electronic code, programs, or files designed to corrupt or restrict the use of any third-party software or telecommunications equipment, or to prevent other users from using the Site.
  5. It can delete from any file posted on the page indications related to the identity of the author, announcements of legal content or ownership.
  6. Misleads about the origin of software or any other material contained in a file uploaded to the page.
  7. It is advertising material.
  8. It insults public decency and the accepting principles of morality, honor and dignity of any Public, Administrative or Church Authority or any third party It also contains content that is abusive, inflammatory, racist, or that is contrary to the respective provisions of the applicable law or is in any other way indecent or contrary to the legitimate interests of the Company.